About the company

The company ANARS d.o.o. specialises in making high quality business and protocol gifts. For several years we have been making our products in close co-operation with local experts, although we also incorporate experience from abroad when the work demands it. We offer handicraft and art products as well as superior services of Slovenian creativity. The making of the products involves innovative technological and design solutions, for example the application of metal and metal oxides on glass, the application of bobbin lace made of metallic thread in blown and poured glass, the inclusion of fossils in glass, various products from Karst stone, relief chocolate bars and so on. All the products have a functional and decorative value and the series is limited in number; it can also be exclusive if a customer so desires. We work with sculptors, graphic artists and designers. The artwork of the younger generation still making a name for themselves is especially interesting. Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj acts as our adviser with plan suggestions and the making and design of the products.

We have been working for a number of years with the State Protocol Services of the Republic of Slovenia, the National Assembly Protocol Services and the protocol services of certain ministries as well as many Slovenian companies that buy our products as gifts for their business partners at home and abroad.

So far we have retained our custom of presenting our products in person only. When we meet our business partners we show them the products and give them all relevant information. The products made during the 17 years of our operation are displayed in a gallery at Brnčičeva 13 in Črnuče. We hope to present them to you when you visit.

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